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These Fairhaven Pickleball Association members volunteer their time and talent to make the FPA better for all of us.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the overall governing body. The board:

  • Keeps abreast of all committee efforts.

  • Votes on all fees and expenditures.

  • Votes on all of our open play sessions including times, locations and playing level.

  • Works to promote the sport of pickleball with various organizations in our community.

  • Members are encouraged to reach out to us either in person or by email with any questions, concerns or, our favorite, compliments about the FPA.  Member feedback is discussed at our monthly meetings.

  • The current members of the board are: Tom Alferes, Debra Almeida, Nate Bates, Dan Ferreira, Joyce Pottel, Ted Ready, Gayla Reilly, Al Valle and Ken Pottel is the President.

Our social committee has hosted these courtside events in the past:

  • Potluck Dinner, Pizza Party, Brunch on Courtside, Holiday Potluck and a picnic

  • These members-only and guest events involve food, fun and yes, pickleball.

  • The current members of the social committee are: Linda Chevalier, Dan Ferreira, Jane Folkman, Mimi Letendre, Chuck McHugh, Joyce Pottel, Kacie Silvia and Aldina Warters and Ken Pottel is the committee chairperson.

Social Committee

Tournament Committee

A tournament committee was formed in 2022 and hosted 3 FPA members-only events.

  • We held 2 tournaments; our 1st Annual FPA Open and our Fall Classic.

    • A two-day round robin format event

    • 6 player groups including men’s, women’s and mixed doubles at both the intermediate and advanced levels

  • We also held our first Summer Mixer

    • A series of 8-player switched doubles round robins

    • Players were matched with others of similar ability level

    • Players of all ability levels found this enjoyable

    • Our first mixer was a charity event, raising over $1,500 for a good cause

  • Due to the success of these 3 events, the committee plans to host 2 tournaments and 2 mixers in 2023.

  • The current members of the tournament committee are: Tom Alferes, Nate Bates, Joyce Pottel, Ken Pottel and Ray St. Amand is the committee chairperson.

Court Committee

The court committee focuses on the placement and the suitability of current playing venues as well as possible future court locations and associated funding.

  • Assessments of new playing locations are conducted based on association growth.

  • Current court locations are evaluated for playability and possible future upkeep and/or maintenance.

  • Currently, the committee is working with various town entities to advocate for the building of 4 pickleball courts at Livesey Park in North Fairhaven with funding the committee secured from Community Preservation Act funds.

    • The building of these courts is tentatively scheduled for the Spring 2023. 

  • The current members of the court committee are: Debra Almeida, Jim Hannan, Joyce Pottel, Ken Pottel, Ted Ready, Gayla Reilly and Al Valle is the committee chairperson.

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