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Where We Play (Playerlineup)

  • The Fairhaven Pickleball Association (FPA) uses a website called Playerlineup.  This website provides players with days, times, locations and play level of group playing times. Creating an account on this site will allow you to see if other pickleball players are going to be at the courts on the day and time you want to play. 

  • Once you have an account on the FPA Playerlineup site, you may go to Photos and docs and open the link to the How To document to learn more about how to effectively use Playerlineup.

  • Did you know?

    • When you sign up for an account, Playerlineup sends you a confirmation email that contains a generated password. To change this password to something more familiar to you, in Playerlineup, go to Menu, your nickname, My Profile and change password. Doing so will make logging onto Playerlineup on a new device seamless.

    • If you want to reach out to certain players, you can go to Roster, Player List.  There you will find email and/or phone numbers of members you want to contact.

    • When you go to Messages, Wall, and Write a new message… it sends an email to over 800 players registered on the site. For this reason, please limit messages.

    • We encourage novice players and those new to pickleball to play at our All Play sessions at Cushman Park.  We often have one of our instructors on hand who can answer any questions or help you with an element of your game.

Fairhaven Pickleball Association players playing pickleball on the pickleball courts at the Fort Phoenix pickleball courts in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.
Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America which is perhaps why there was a question about it on Jeopardy!

A question about pickleball on Jeopardy!

Why Join the FPA

You would be joining a group of pickleball enthusiasts. As a group we:

Organize members-only socials, tournaments and clinics and provide items for these events.

Purchase pickleballs for all members to use on a regular basis.

Purchase other items such as ice packs and first aid kits, and also have pickleball paddles on hand for new players to try the sport.

Include you in our Google Group email list so that you will receive regular updates on FPA activities, events, and other news.

Receive a discount on pickleball equipment on Pickleball Central.  Enter the code CRFPA when you check out to receive a 5% discount on everything you purchase.  The FPA will also receive an additional 5% to purchase items for the organization.

Retain a large portion of our funds for use, in partnership with government entities, to repave courts when needed so we can keep on playing.

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