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How to Play

This 30 minute video of Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101 by Joe Baker provides a strong foundation of the basics.

Rules of the game USA Pickleball Rules Summary

To watch high-level play right here in Fairhaven check out this game. It’s between Buzzards Bay Pickleball Club players Daryl Degowin and Dave Rogers who challenged our own Fairhaven Pickleball Association (FPA) players Nate Bates and Dave Chevalier. This was a fun advanced match at the Fort Phoenix pickleball courts at our 2022 Opening Day event. 

What can I do to improve my game?

There are many videos on YouTube about pickleball. Want to learn how the scoring works, for example? This video will show you how to score for doubles play.

Check out some advanced play.  Go on the FPA Playerlineup site to see when and where there will be an advanced session.  Bring a chair and watch how it’s done.

Become a member of the FPA and sign up for one of our clinics.

Dan DeTerra is an FPA member who enjoys the game so much that he went through extensive training and is now a certified coach through the Professional Pickleball Registry. If you are interested in private or semi-private pickleball lessons, call Dan directly at


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