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Welcome to the Fairhaven Pickleball Association (FPA)

  • Our Mission - The Fairhaven Pickleball Association is a nonprofit organization that fosters an environment of “pickleball for all” in the Southcoast area of Massachusetts. We do so by:

    • Seeking out ways to expand access to our sport as it grows in popularity.

    • Providing opportunities for our members to improve their health and wellness.

    • Giving back to the community by donating to charities via a physical activity.

    • Organizing events so our members congregate through a common interest and socialize.

    • Offering members of our community opportunities to learn a sport we love.

Fairhaven Pickleball Association players playing pickleball on the pickleball courts at the Fort Phoenix pickleball courts in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Our History

In the fall of 2019, a group of Fairhaven, MA residents got together to investigate the creation of a local pickleball court. A state plan was already in the works to build courts at Fort Phoenix State Reservation but efforts to construct them were met with obstacles, so the group came up with a Plan B. They looked at the tennis courts at Cushman Park as a possible site. They then donated money to pay to line the courts for pickleball and purchased bungee cords, to lower the tennis nets, and dozens of pickleballs.


Little did this group know how popular the game would become locally. The ambitious group formed the Fairhaven Pickleball Association and soon had over 50 members. The FPA joined an interactive website that enables members to sign up for playing times. Over the summer of 2020, the FPA had training clinics for beginners. That winter, diehard members shoveled snow off the courts to play their favorite sport.


We are fortunate to now play on four additional state-owned pickleball courts at Fort Phoenix State Reservation, and are working diligently to get four new courts installed at Livesey Park in North Fairhaven. Due to the popularity of the sport and the enthusiasm of our members, the FPA doubled its membership in 2022 and currently has over 350 members from the region.

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